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I'm Lynn Melville -- author, speaker, relationship coach. My goal is tospread the word about Borderline Personality Disorder.

I'm the author of Breaking Free from Boomerang Love – Getting Unhooked from Abusive Borderline Relationships and Reality Checks from Boomerang Love – Lifelines for People Caught in Abusive Relationships. Read about these at

Most of our country -- and our world, for that matter -- is color blind to this disorder. Without knowing that certain behaviors indicate a very troubled person, we become friends with them, marry them, go into business with them. Then the confusion, abuse and pain begin. My blogs and -- go into this in more detail.

These people are the road ragers, the people who go postal, the ones who commit domestic violence crimes against their partners, among others. We leave them -- and then return, over and over again, thinking that if we love them enough, the hurtful behavior will go away.

Only long term professional mental health therapy (with a therapist specifically trained to diagnose and treat a Borderline) can help these unfortunate, suffering people. These are our abused, neglected and abandoned children grown up. They're trying to live an adult life without mature tools -- and battling the emotions of a deeply injured child.

Welcome to my online Press Kit. I'm available to any and all individuals, groups, organizations, media representatives, etc., who are seeking to educate the public about this sad disorder -- an illness which affects more people than bipolar disorder and schizophrenia combined.

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